Computers Play An Important Role In School


Computers, during the last two decades or so, have been instrumental in bringing about changes in the way we communicate and gather information and / or knowledge to such an extent that it is hard to find any sphere which has not undergone changes after the advent of computers.

The system of teaching in elementary schools, and of course higher education, is one such area where the advent of computers, coupled with the growth of the World Wide Web, has brought about a complete metamorphosis in the way knowledge is being imparted even in elementary schools.

The conventional mode of teaching by way of imparting knowledge only through books and the written word is fast becoming outdated. The transformation is so forceful that not only do schools provide computer teaching but also put them up in classrooms to aid in the teaching process. Those of us, who see children learning with the aid of computers in a manner that is fun as well as educative, lament why these beautiful machines could not be made available to us.

To the traditional teacher or an older person, it may appear that books and the written word are the last word in teaching. The present day scene with computers even in elementary schools is difficult to imagine for those who have not actually seen and experienced the change that come about in the method of teaching.

The PC's and the Mac's have the capacity to offer information and knowledge to an amount which can not be matched by any other single source. The computer with Internet access is a fantastic teaching tool that the present generation is lucky to have.

Varying from school to school, knowledge is being associated with the aid of PC's or Macs. Mac's may appear to be simpler to operate but they serve the same purpose as the PC's. It depends on the type of deal that the schools strike with the companies and the content that they require as part of the knowledge they intend to divulge to the students. The Internet is a storehouse of knowledge which can be accessed through a simple procedure, resulting, in most of the cases, a scope to bulky books which in any case are no match for the content that the Web is able to provide through the aid of a computer.

To sum it all, the use of computers as a tool of imparting knowledge to students in elementary schools is a judicious tool in the hands of the teacher.


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