Free Web Directory Promotion List


If you've been reading my online book I am sure your up to speed on link building and how it can boost your web sites ranking on the search engines. Now it's time to get started with the busy work. But do not worry, I've gone ahead and made it a little easier for you today by providing a few lists of the best directories on the internet to get you started.

But before jumping the gun, remember that you must submit your web site to the section of the directory that pertains to your web sites theme. The web site you're looking at would likely go into a Marketing or Advertising section. If you have a web site on Cats then put it in the Cats section. Do not think you'll get more exposure by putting your web site into another section because it's highly popular. More than likely your site will not even get listed. Obey the rules, drink a lot of caffeine, get hooked, and work all day until you have an exaustive sweat draped over your forehead and you'll build a huge list of reciprocal lists through your directory submissions.

In addition, never forget to use your keyword or keyphrase in your submissions to these directories. You're looking to boost your ranking for certain key terms and this is the best way of going about it.

This first list will show you the URL to the directory, whether its free or paid, its' Google Page Rank, and its approximate age.

The Top 44 Web Directories – These are the top across the net. Yahoo's Directory is expensive but well worth it.

256 Free Web Directories – The large majority of these are free submissions.

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