Mobile Phone Tracking Software – Not Glamorous, Just Easy


Mobile phone usage is so prevalent today that being able to track the location of a phone is no longer flashy. Not too long ago, a famous movie had a main character tracking the location of his ex-wife using her cell phone while she was inside the White House. He needed to warn her about a countdown to the end of the world.

What has been dramatized in the movies and on TV is now available for anyone to do. If you have a need to install tracking software on a mobile device, please be careful and do your homework.

First, you can only install spying or tracking software on a device you own. Installing on someone else's cellular phone is illegal, and the company that provided the tracking software will have to cooperate with law enforcement, providing your contact information.

Second, you should avoid free spying software. You will most likely get more than you bargained for (in a bad way). Many of these programs install classic spyware or even viruses on your computer. This means that while you may be tracking a cell phone, the software is also spying on you. This could increase your risk of identity theft.

Third, just like when you are looking at buying anything else, you should check for positive user reviews online. You need to know if the software can really do what you need it to do. Plus, by looking at different options, you may see features that you had not even thought of. For example, does it provide accurate GPS tracking information? Can you see text messages sent to and received on the mobile phone? What about email messages, or even recording calls?

If you need to install tracking software on a cell (for example, you might be worried that your spouse or partner is cheating on you), I encourage you to spend a little time researching the best options. And, make sure you only install the software on a device you own.


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