Article Submission Software – Killer Weapon Of The Affiliate Marketer

The role of article submission software is intertwined with the affiliate marketer's marketing efforts. Affiliate marketers invest a lot of time and effort to build traffic for their websites. This is done using PPC, SEO, blogging, forum marketing, Web 2.0, list building and article submission. Article marketing has been the oldest powerhouse of marketing and probably one of those traffic techniques that has ended the test of time. Without article submission software, the power of article marketing is limited and we will see why.

Article submission software was created for a purpose. It all began with article marketing. Affiliates spend the greater part of their time driving traffic and paid traffic using PPC is targeted but expensive. Not many can afford to rely on PPC completely. The other way to drive targeted traffic for sales for free is article submission. Affiliate marketers soon realize that search engines love great and useful content and reward great content with top search engine rankings.

Article posting became the easiest way to display great and fresh content on the web. Article directories gets tons of hits from search engines and articles listed top search engine rankings. Affiliate marketers quickly picked this up and creating fresh unique content useful for their readers became crucial. But they face a problem soon. How can anyone submit articles to dozens of article directories without going through the process of tedious form filling, copying and pasting content? The answers lie in both article posting services and article submission software.

Article submission software and services have many benefits. Other than distributing your quality articles to different article directories, they also allow ezine publishers and webmasters to publish your articles in their ezines and websites. Imagine how much traffic you can drive if your article is published on the No. 1. 1 website in Google for a targeted popular keyword. Be ready for an avalanche of traffic and sales!

On top of that, for each article you submit to with article submission software, you get a one-way link to your website. Remember the carefully crafted anchor text link you left in the author resource box? The article directories you have submitted to can range from Page Rank 0 to Page Rank 7. So with one article posting with the software, you can get a few hundred high PR backlinks for FREE. This beats paying thousands of dollars to buy such links.

Since there are article submission software and article posting services like Article Marketer and iSnare, you could have torn between the choices. Both are able to submit articles neatly to article directories. But article submission services have a disadvantage in its pricing. Most services charge you either for per article submission, or have a monthly subscription fee. Article submission software on the other hand only costs a one-off price.

Most affiliate marketers prefer using article submission software because of the ease of use and affordability. You will hardly find any online author without a tool like this. While article submission software makes make your job much easier and saves you 95% of your time, it can not replace the need to produce a good quality article. Perhaps, who knows, one day, there will be complete article marketing software that combines the power of article submission software and the ingenuity of quality writing.

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