Step Brothers 2008 – Will Ferrel, John C Reilly


Awesome: that is the one word that I can say about this movie, just awesome. The movie rocked. Step Brothers is about two grown men that just never grew up and ended up living with their parents played by Mary Steenenburg as Nancy Huff and Richard Jenkins as Dr. Robert Doback. Nancy and Dr. Doback meets at a conference and hit it off from the very start and decide to get married soon after making Dale Doback and Brennan Huff stepbrothers.

In the beginning both Dale and Brennan can not stand each other and work to destroy each other's world. This is where all the fun and humor comes in. All the drama comes to a deep end when both find a common cause in Brennan Huff's brother Derek Huff. The over the top brother that disrespects everyone that he meets including Dale Doback who he thinks is the lowest of lowest.

Brennan and Dale find that they have more in common than previously thought; they both like the same women, movies, books and clubs. They both have the same ideas in business. In comes Alice Huff, the crazy wife of Derek Huff who hates her life with Derek. She becomes the crazy stalker after Dale punches Derrek in the eye. Dale instantly becomes her hero and she does anything and everything to be with him.

To say that this movie was funny is an understatement. I nearly rolled out of my seat for every single scene. Will Ferrel and John Reilly are one of the best comedy duo's I have ever seen. They play off each other so flawlessly that you forget that this is just a movie. What can I say about the mother? Mary Steenenburg played an exceptional part as the mother of this family. You could tell that she was uncomfortable saying a few of her lines but she roled on with the punches. Richard Jenkins as the father was marvelous. I've seen him in other movies but non like this character that he plays and he played it flawlessly. Rolling over to Lurie Poston he played the hell out of the brother that anyone would HATE. I wanted to punch him in the face myself he was pissing me off so much. Last but not least, Kathryn Hahn. She played this part. She was crazy but had some lines that had me rolling in my seat. She had one scene where she used a male urinal standing up. Flawless delivery ….

Overall, this was a great movie. I am even laughing while I write this review. I can not add much more than just go see this movie …


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