Sex And The City – Loved The Show – Can’t Wait For The Movie!


I love all the girls, but my favorite is Carrie. Sarah Jessica Parker has always charmed me, but as Carrie in SEX AND THE CITY she continued, week after week, to take me along on her emotional roller coaster rides. Big (Chris Noth) broke my heart as well as hers. I felt her pain as she pushed and pulled Aiden (John Corbett) in their relationship. Jack Berger (Ron Livingston) hurt me in the way he treated Carrie. Post-It notes will never have any other meaning! Last, there’s Aleksandr (Mikhail Baryshinokov) who will never be forgiven.

Carrie’s friends became my friends. Kim Cattrall plays Samantha, the wonderfully confident (most of the time) woman who takes the world by its balls. To name all her men would take a lifetime, but the touchingly good, Smith (Jason Lewis), and the dreadfully bad, Richard (James Remar), are both in one of the best tear-jerking scenes in the series.

Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) is the guilt-ridden lawyer who is, most of the time, the most levelheaded friend. The most unlikely relationship develops with Steve (David Eigenberg), a bartender and, eventually, the father of her baby. It doesn’t’ work out, and then there’s Dr. Robert Leeds (Blair Underwood). She did break up with him for a very good reason, but I hated to see him go!

Charlotte (Kristin Davis) is the naïve, forever-optimistic friend. When she gets depressed, it’s justified because she seems to have the worst luck. Once she lands Trey MacDougal (Kyle MacLauchlan) her real troubles begin, the main one the haughty, controlling mother-in-law. Never has anyone wanted a child more, or had more difficulty.

The last season of SEX AND THE CITY was so emotional that I cried at least once during every episode. It was still a comedy, but dealt with so many important issues. The girls really came through some tough situations, mainly because they had each other. When I watched it again on the Fox reruns I was so disappointed that they left out so many great moments. Can’t wait for the movie!


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