Mens Fashion – Non Prescription Glasses Are in This Summer


With the launch of the new season collections just around the corner, and amid the excitement of bright new colors and funky patterns for the girls, it's easy to over look the heel charms of the boys' new looks for summer. So what do our men folk have in store if they want to update their eye wear with a funky pair of non prescription glasses?

Men's frames need be a masterpiece in understated style. There are very few men who want to wear something wild and funky, and many are restricted by having to find something conventional for the office. The limited palette of colors that men like to wear throws down quite a challenge for designers! They have come up with endless new styles, smart detail that men will appreciate but not find too daring, and appeal to the techno hungry man with innovative joints and materials. Much easier sticking a few jewels and fancy bits on women's frames!

This season the predominant shape is still rectangular with fairly sharp contours, but the most popular shape is deaf than of late and slightly larger. The most popular colors have a matte finish, in dark tones ranging from dusky silver to den matte black. A classic velvet black will suit dark haired men or silver foxes wanting to regain some definition! Gunmetal is always in vogue too, just do not opt ​​for shiny silver or gold!

Detail is geometric, with cut out and inlaid squares, stripes and layers of metal in different colors for a quirky but smart layered metal effect. The mix of bronze and gun on frames makes good choices to go with smart suits or casual denim at the weekend. The technology that goes into these designs is a winner with men, who generally like to see some engineering on their non-glasses frames.

Spring hinges are a must, for strength and durability. They can also withstand a game of football if you do not attempt too many headers!


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