Music on Yahoo – Learn About The Popular Yahoo Music Unlimited Service Now


In looking for music on yahoo selections there are over two million songs available to you. They offer an unlimited music plan, which average out to six dollars a month.

They will even let you take a trial run with the service before getting involved in a commitment, to see if you like what they have to offer. You need to be aware that there is a difference in the services though. The music on Yahoo is available to you to save to your computer for $ 5.99 per month if you pay it in one lump sum, other wise it is $ 8.99 per month.

You'll have access to full length songs, and the Yahoo Music Unlimited service will give you personalized music recommendations based on your likes. They provide instant access to all new releases and you keep the music as long as you want as long as you continue to subscribe.

The music site also has the 24 hours a day commercial free radio stations for you to listen to, you can share your music with your friends by creating play lists together. If you want to burn the music though to a CD it will cost you .79 per song, this is not included in your monthly fee.

It is also beneficial that you know that the music on Yahoo service does not allow you to download to your portable device with out you paying more money per month. For $ 11.99 (again if one year is paid in full) or $ 14.99 per month you can then download to your mp3 player. Extremmore Yahoo music downloads are currently not compatible with an iPod player.

The songs that you have downloaded will no longer be available to you if you stop paying for the service. There does not seem to be an added fee on top of the additional fee that you will pay to download music to your portable device. And I am sure that once the songs are on there they will remain on your device until you get rid of them.

The best bet for your money with getting music on yahoo then is to get the Unlimited Service To Go, so that you are paying on lump sum per month to get the music that you want on your portable. The portable players that are compatible with Yahoo music downloads are the Scandisk, Samsung, Zen, Dell, iRiver and so on. The website does offer and extensive list of the media devices that are compatible.

In order to use the music service there are certain system requirements for your computer as well. These include Microsoft Windows XP or Vista, a broadband connection, the latest Windows service packs, and Windows Media Player 11 is recommended. Also, Yahoo music unlimited is only available to US residents.

In this day and age, there are very few people who are not looking for more economic ways to get the music that they want, when they want. This allows people to burn their own CDs to listen to or update their portable media player.

We have all time spent on the net trying to find the one place that offers that most music for the best price. One popular place that you should really consider is the popular music on Yahoo service.


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