The Wide World Of Television

Television is one of those things that we call entertainment. In one form or another it is entertaining to watch. But, television has taken on a new realm as well. Within the last few years, television has gone to reality. At least, television has developed its own sense of reality. People just love the laughs they can get from watching people make fools out of themselves. But, television is more than just that. It has become a way of communicating as well.

To that point, just imagine all of the things that we see on television today that our grandparents have never imagined seeing. During wars, we can watch news people actually risk their life not for freedom but to bring you the next big story. We are fully educated on the cultures around the world if we watch enough of it on television. It also brings people together to fight for the causes. During political elections, how would senators and presidents run if it were not for the ads on television?

The largest market for advertising is in television as well. During the Super Bowl each winter there is no bigger payoff than having the best television commercial. Likewise, it is essential to present the commercial in a way to draw people in and have them go out and purchase the product. Because we have become so desensitized to commercials, companies must work a little harder to get us to react. Neverheless it is a market that is cooked for.

Then there is reality television as well. This is where people play games to win money. Huge monetary investments are made in these games because they are banking on you to watch others make fools of themselves. The result of that is that they will cash in far more than the one million dollar prize they are dishing out.

In the world of television, we find good and bad. We can and should limit the amount of television we show our children and we should insure that what does get watch is quality. We can learn a lot for the science, history, and real life events on it. We can have fun laughing away our frustration during a sitcom. Television is variety and adds much more than just spice to our lives!

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