Why Optimize Your Site For Search Engines?

Sometimes a search engine optimization company will miss that glaring question

posed by potential clients and assume the benefits of search engine optimization

are obvious to everyone. While shelling out a couple thousand on an SEO campaign

is common sense to some, others may find it hard to part with the cash unless they

know it is an investment in their business that is sure to bring a good return.

Search engines account for a huge portion of traffic to web sites. Data varies

depending on what sources you read, but the bottom line is that search engines are

used millions of times each day by consumers searching for goods and services.

And having your business displayed at the top of search results is essential if you

want to do any business from the major search engines. Nine in every ten users will

find what they’re looking for in the top 10 results and won’t go to page 2.

It’s obvious that people can make a lot of money from online sales, but how you

advertise your products has a large bearing on what kind of profit you make. If you

buy advertising space on Google AdWords or other services that charge per click,

you may only shell out 10 cents for every visitor to your site – But what if it takes

100 clicks to make one sale? If your products only sell for $10 a piece, then there is

no profit being made. Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns will also never stop costing

you money. Search Engine Optimization, on the other hand, can be very affordable

over months and years.

Many SEO and Internet Marketing companies will say that ongoing maintenance is

needed to reach and keep top search engine rankings. While this is true, be careful

how the company says they do it. There is an affordable way and then there’s a way

to pad the pockets of the “experts.” For more on this issue, read my other article

entitled “What Constitutes a Complete and Effective SEO Campaign?” In short, the

affordable way will involve an intense content optimization followed by work to raise

link popularity. This link popularity development should be the bulk of any ongoing

maintenance. A couple times a year keyword research should be done again and the

content should be looked at. Search trends can sometimes fluctuate so you want to

make sure your content is still aimed at the right audience.

What is affordable and what isn’t varies greatly from company to company, industry

to industry. In the bed and breakfast industry, $30 per month may be enough to

keep a top 5 ranking on Google if the market is not very competitive. A web site

competing for a top spot in a database administration field may be looking at

several hundred a week if not more. The bottom line is, if you pick the right Search

Engine Optimization company, your return on investment from an SEO campaign

can be over 1000%.

While there are other ways to advertise a web site (No, search engine optimization is

not the be-all and end-all of online advertising) very few can match the wide

targeted audience and affordability that search engines provide.

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