Your Quick Guide To Car DVD Entertainment System


The automotive industry is getting more ideas on how to pamper the passengers. One of the ways is to have a car DVD entertainment system installed. Such a system can really be a life saver to the driver. Why? Imagine, you’re headed across the country with your family to visit the in-laws in Omaha, and your kids are driving you nuts. A car DVD system allows you to pop in one of their favorite movies and have them entertained for hours while on the road.

Today’s auto market is becoming more and more diversified, with Hummers lining up next to Smart Cars and Geo Metros in dealer lots. Perhaps one of the things many people do when they bought a new vehicle is to customize it with gadgets and accessories. Bored spouses and kids make car DVD systems one of the hottest new upgrades on the automotive consumer market.

There are two main types of in car DVD systems: portable and in-dash. Portable systems, though not as sleek or worry-free as the in-dash systems, are considerably cheaper and more versatile. They are usually powered by your car’s 12-volt power adapter but can be converted to run from your home’s power supply, allowing you to take the DVD player and monitor into your in-laws house when your happy family arrives.

In-dash car DVD systems are hardwired into your vehicle’s entertainment system. They display movies either on a screen in the center-console, on a screen that descends from the roof of the vehicle, or on a screen which flips up from the dashboard. Though these systems aren’t portable outside the vehicle, once installed they don’t require any extra cords or setup: you can load in your movies and drive away. Screens located either on the center console or which flip up from the dashboard can double as displays for in-car GPS or navigation software, but they can be distracting to drivers. The flip-down screens avoid driver distraction, but they are usually only convenient for back-seat viewing, leaving a front seat passenger to count license plates or play I-Spy with the driver.

In car DVD systems are perhaps the biggest boon to the long family road trip since Car Bingo, and as the technology improves you can expect the systems to get smaller, lighter, and cheaper. Though portable systems are still the choice for families on the go since they require no expensive installation or conversion, more and more auto manufacturers have plans to include built-in systems in their vehicles, especially upscale and family autos.

Trust me; it will be tough to find a driver for your next road trip. The entire family wants to be stretched out in the back seat watching a movie.


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