Ways On Hiding Your IP Address

An IP or Internet Protocol address is a numerical number assigned to every computer that takes part in a network. Internet protocol is used for communication in this case. You can hide your IP address from internet servers in most cases. However, in some cases, it is not possible to hide Internet Protocol address of a computer as other devices will not be able to communicate with it.

One of the common methods to hide your IP address is the use of Proxy servers.This server is a special purpose computer that allows users to have indirect connection to other services present on the network. The user first connects to proxy server and then the file or connection is requested. The resource is provided either by serving it from cache or by a specific server connection. However, the server’s response or user’s request may get altered for some purposes.

In order to remain anonymous on the network, different types of proxy servers can be used:

Proxy servers that are browser configured

These types of servers are standalone and configure your internet browser to route the traffic through a machine. This machine sends the request from your side and then displays back the results to you. In most cases, these servers are free to use but they are slow because they are accessible publicly. These servers come in different types:

• Anonymous Proxy – This server reveals its identity as a server but does not disclose the original IP address. Although this server can be detected easily but it can be beneficial for some users as it hides the Internet Protocol address.

• Transparent Proxy – This proxy server again identifies itself, and with the help of http headers, the original IP address can be seen. The main benefit of using this type of server is its ability to cache the websites. In some cases, your IP may get banned due to the use of transparent proxy. Your Internet Protocol address is not hidden in this server.

• High Anonymity Proxy – This server does not reveal its identity and it does not allow the visibility of original IP address. Your Internet Protocol address is hidden when this server is used.

• Distorting Proxy – Distorting proxy also reveals its identity but incorrect IP address is made available when http headers are used. Your Internet Protocol address is hidden in this case also.

Proxy Servers that are based on Website

It is a type of proxy website that allows you to enter the URL of the website that you want to visit using the proxy. When the desired page request is sent, the proxy website requests that page. Moreover, it does not reveal its identity as a proxy server and your IP address is not passed also. The price and the features may vary when these proxy servers are used. But some of them are free of cost and you can easily find them on the net. This is how you can hide your Internet Protocol address.

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