Fashion Details – 5 Tips To Improve Your Image

When it comes to looking great and presenting a good image, taking care of details is very important. It is simple for most to go into a store, and with the assistance of the store's salesperson, select a very appropriate outfit for any occasion. She or he can set you up with a smart outfit and help you select the best accessories. Without, this salesperson becomes your personal shopper or image consultant, after you have left the store you will need to know how to use accessories and mix and match yourself.

One of the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to taking care of details is wearing socks with sandals. Even though it seems that this is something "everyone knows" as soon as the weather warms up, socks and sandals can be seen on a regular basis. My point is, that to be well dressed and present a good image, details can make a huge difference and the details are sometimes not obvious or at least not obvious to everyone. One detail left unattended to can ruin an otherwise polished look. Here are 5 of many details that are very important in presenting a good image.

1. Your appointment book is an extension of your image; choose one that is a plain color and has a classy look – not plastic. Pens too, should be good quality.

2. To keep your image impeccable only use good quality umbrellas. A classic well-made good quality umbrella is a worthwhile investment.

3. If you like and have a designer bag or bags – that's great. However, if not, buy a good quality bag but, stay away from designer bag knock-offs – these are easier to spot than you might think.

4. Always match your metals. Gold with gold, silver with silver. Mismatched metals create a disorganized look.

5. Wristwatches should be purchased taking your overall proportions into consideration – a big watch on a thin wrist looks overpowering as, a thin watch fades on a large wrist. Wristwatches should also match the occasion – for business situations choose a watch with a leather strap.

These are just some of the details that can impact your image. When it comes to presenting a good image the details are endless. How is good your detail IQ? When you know you look great and you know the fashion rules you can relax and pay more attention on the task at hand.

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