Why SEO Content Writing and Blog Writing Are Important


SEO content writing is an important skill, and your blog writing abilities may well determine your online success – or lack of it! If you have a website or a blog, then its success will likely lie in the quality of its content.

Why is that? Well, think for a moment. If you are looking for information on the internet, then you want it to appear genuine and accurate. If you came across a web page or blog post that was poorly written then another that you found easy to follow, which would you stay on? Which would you buy from?

It's a no brainer! Many people spend more time on designing a great-looking website with fabulous graphics and forms. How about the content? Sure, a lovely design or photograph looks wonderful, but if your visitors wanted that they would go to Flickr or Pinterest! That's assuming that they found your website or blog at all!

SEO Content Writing and Google

We are using Google as our default search engine because it is the most widely used in the world. China's Baidu is a close second! If you use Google as a search engine to find information, then you will enter a search term into the Google search window. You can equate that search term to a keyword. Your job is to ensure as far as you can that Google believes that your page provides what that searcher is seeking. It will list the top ten such web pages on its first search engine results page.

The process of maximizing your web page's chances of being one of those top ten is known as 'search engine optimization' (SEO). In trying to be one of these top 10 results, you can get bogged down with SEO when writing web content. Many over-SEO their web pages while others provide Google with insufficient data to make them worth indexing, let alone ranking in a high position in the search engine results pages (SERPS – lots of acronyms in internet marketing!)

Too much SEO is just as bad as having none at all. Keyword spamming and overuse of the same text time and time again will result in your page being ignored and not even indexed by Google, let alone listed in the SERPs.

Blog Writing and Content Writing are a Skill

SEO content writing refer to the skill of writing web content or blog posts that persuades Google algorithms (spiders, etc.) that your page has sufficient authority to be ranked highly for a specific search term or keyword. It is a true skill that most believe they have, but in reality they do not.

Blog writing is the same as web content writing: each is the same in Google's eyes. It is said that each should be written for the reader, and not for search engines. Excessive keyword density must be avoided, but the vocabulary used on the page or post must display an expert knowledge of the topic that Google's user is seeking.

Google employs an algorithm known as latent semantic indexing (LSI) to establish the meaning of the text on your page. That plays a large part in determining the rightful position of your page in Google's SERPs. Sure, it is just one of over 200 factors that determine your ranking, but it is an important one with a very high weighting.

Never Ignore the Search Engine

So back to why SEO content writing and blog writing are important to your success online! Most people can write decent English or whatever their own language is. However, likewise, most can not write for search engine users seeking information online. Those that claim you should write for the reader and not the search engine are correct in a way – but not completely. Ignore the search engine then you may get no readers!

It is of critical importance that your content writing takes both search engines and readers into account. This applies not only to the visible text on your page, but also the invisible meta data in the 'head' section of the HTML source for your page. Your ranking will suffer if you ignore the Title tag and Meta description tag for each page on your website and post on your blog. It's amazing how many websites have no such Meta data.

SEO Content Writing and Blog Writing: Summary

I can not cover every aspect of search engine optimization here, but I can stress that it can not be ignored. You must understand the pixel limits for your Title tag and the limit on character count for your Description Meta tag. These are just as important as your use of keyword in the text visible on your page.

The main reasons why SEO content writing and blog writing are important is that your content must be understood by your readers, but it must also be understood by Google. A failure of the first will result in a high bounce rate and no conversions, while a failure to convince Google of the authority of your page will result in few, if any, visitors.

Even today, many people wonder why they can not get their websites and blogs listed on Google. A professional article writer understands all of this, and can offer the SEO content writing and blog writing advice needed for you to succeed.


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