4 Ways To Integrate Pop Music Into Your Entire Life

Some people really hate pop music. For these people pop music is the product of a system which rewards banality, the largest profit margins and style over substance. This type of music is manufactured without remorse and actively tunes in to the part of the brain most susceptible to rhythmic patterns, so you find yourself practically incapable of not humming the latest No.1 inexplicably on the bus, despite having only a whiff of the song on an advert the night before.

For other people, pop music is awesome. They can not get enough, and finding another opportunity to devour it insatiably is a great thing. For that reason here are some ways which you can scoop a few more dolops of pop into your daily ear trough.

X Factor

The format of this show demonstrates the pop music machine. It takes people that want to be famous, parades them in front of the public for a few months to find out who is the most popular, paints their lovable back stories and then declares a winner. This winner is then deal a No.1 record thanks to the hype of the show, makes lots of money for the record company, then pitches them into a spiral of depression as their fame dries up. You can watch X Factor in ITV on Saturday and Sunday nights. You can also catch up on their website.

Social Networking

Facebook, and alike, is the latest hunting ground for executives looking for more record buying hoards. If you want to absorb some pop noise, turn off your brain and tune in to what the major people are talking about. Find out who has the most 'likes' and there you have it: your next favorite pop group.


Without you like real music and get a live wedding band, chances are you will get a wedding DJ. Wedding DJ's are a special group of individuals who are subject to requests for aging pop tunes and super diva groups until the end of the night. If you want to escape this madness, trust your DJ because chances are, he will know more about good music than you. Unless you are the bride, then it's up to you.

Karaoke Bars are big in Japan … and getting bigger in the UK. Karaoke bars are coming to a town near you. With shows like X Factor encouraging everyone and their dog that they can sing, expect to find a range of pop tunes for you to sing along to in your near bar soon.

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