Computer Network Engineering Learning Choices


Computers are relied on to complete the day-to-day technological functions of a business. The maintenance of a businesses computer system is essential and without it operations would be hindered. The education required to be able to successfully work with a business in this capacity is gained through a computer network engineering degree program.

The main focus is to be able to create, maintain, repair, and update a computers network. The network is what links the information and data utilized by employees of a business. Employees use networks to perform their job and be able to fulfill their part in the businesses mission. Learning choices teach students everything from learning how to repair, create, research, and design a network system. Four primary options are available and students can work through any one of them to enter a career. The degree choices include:

* Associate's Degree in Computer Network Engineering

Students work through a two-year program where they learn how to work with computer technology. High emphasis is placed on understanding how to install, manage, operate, and fix a computers network. Wired and wireless networks are focused on to teach students how to understand the link between computers. Coursework teachers students how to perform these duties in light of the hardware and software used to create a network.

* Bachelor's Degree in Computer Network Engineering

This degree is typically the starting point for most students. This four-year degree has students studying how to create and operate networks. The focus of education is to give students advanced methodology to work with computers in this capacity. Computer architecture, microprocessor design, database design, and electronic transmission are some courses that develop the needed skills for students. These courses teach students to use computer software to design networks that can store and communicate electronically.

* Master's Degree in Computer Network Engineering

Once enrolled in a master's degree program students can choose a concentration that enables them to enter upper-level careers. Database design and administration topics are covered thoroughly to prepare students to design all types of networks. The technology and procedures to design advanced networks is covered through courses on information theory, optimization, coding, and transmission. The work required to understand computer architecture and network development is learned at this level.

* PhD in Computer Network Engineering

Education is centered on the concepts to design and contribute to research for networking systems. The advanced knowledge gained has students preparing for upper-level careers. Network software testing, quality assurance, research, advanced design, and more have students working towards facilitating the development and creation of networks.

Students can expect a wide selection of career options to be waiting for them after finishing an accredited degree program. Full accreditation is provided by agencies such as the Accreditation Commission of Career Schools and Colleges ( ) to schools and colleges that offer the quality education students need. Colleges encourage students to seek out all the learning options before entering a program. Find the right program now and start learning how to create a computer network.


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