Kid's Fashion – Boys and Their Shorts

For the next five months, almost every little boy in America will be wearing shorts every day. So when it is time to do summer shopping, that is pretty much the only thing retailers need to stock for bottoms in the boys section. It is good to have a few other things just in case (jeans, cargo pants, etc), but keep the central display racks hung with shorts. Of course it is crucial to know what styles of boy's shorts are really popular as well as what other items complement those shorts. Any children's retail store is guaranteed success for the summer if it focuses on the shorts and provides the best styles.

So what are the most popular styles of shorts for little boys? The trend for shorts today in both teenage young men and small children is for shorts to be somewhat baggy and long. It was once thought that baggy shorts made maneuverability more difficult, but look at the professional skate boarders and so on. Roomy shorts provide flexibility and comfort. Oversized pockets are another essential. Cargo shorts have been a staple in the boy's shorts arena for several years now, and they are not going away. Other general categories of shorts include extra long shorts, athletic shorts, patterned shorts, and "board shorts" (or surf shorts).

When it comes to picking out colors and patterns, many parents just bring their little boys along so they can pick out what they like. Kids are only going to wear what they want to wear, even if it means wearing the same pair of shorts every day. So keep an eye out on what colors and patterns the kid's are picking out. Right now, neutral colored shorts are the most popular (brown, cacky, etc), but camouflage print is also very popular. We are also seeing a come back in the classic plaid prints on longer shorts for little boys. When it comes to board shorts, the more bright colors and cool designs the better, even when they are not at the beach.

Flip-flops are the most common shoes accessories to shorts, especially for those hot summer months. If you carry tennis shoes or other casual shoes for kids, then be sure to supply ankle socks as well. Tube socks and crew socks are out when kids are wearing shorts.

If you want your childrens clothes hangers to be empty by the end of this summer be sure to have the right shorts. Remember they are the most important part of your display. Choose shirts, shoes, accessories, and bags to follow the trends set by the shorts you have for sale, and watch the merchandise disappear.

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