Choosing The Correct RV Replacement Table Hardware

When one decides that it is time to replace their booth dinette table, there are two basic choices. There is no right or wrong in your choice. The answer lies within the hardware you prefer. There are two basic choices.

The first is the hinged sidewall table bracket. When one is replacing a table, this is the choice of many. When shopping for this you will want to shop for a RV table kit. This kit will come with a heavy metal hinge that swings up and down. When it swings up it will support the table along with an adjustable leg. When one swings it down it will rest on the side mounts of the dinette.

Many people find this much easier because they do not have to take the table apart to make it down into a bed. All one has to do is release the adjustable leg and then let the table hinge release from the side wall. As you do this, it will lie flat down to make the bed.

The writer of this article finds the swing hinge option as the better choice. Evidently, however, the majority of people prefer the standing table legs with flush mount or surface mount bases.

The standing table legs are round and available in lengths between eighteen and 25 inches. The legs fit into a base plate. The bases are identical when using the surface mount style. When using the flush mount the bottom actually sets in the floor flush and the upper one is the standard surface mount.

When making the dinette down into a bed the table is lifted straight up, and the legs removed. One then places the table top down on the supports of the booth itself. This is just reversed when one puts the table back into the upright position.

I believe the round RV table legs are just a little harder to handle than the type that is hinged. Another reason that the round style is more popular is that a lot of manufacturers use this style. I believe this could be because of the cost difference.

Both types of dinettes are found in Crossroads RV units such as Zinger travel trailers and Sunset Trail campers.

So as you can see there is a lot of room for opinion to which is one the best. I suggest you look at both before making your decision. You can find more information on RV table legs at your local RV dealerships or RV parts stores. Best wishes in your choice.

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