Denim Reigns Supreme

Do they know where it comes from? No, not a question asked to primary school children about where they think crisps originate, this is about fashion. For the past few decades, the fashion trends of popular culture have repeatedly borrowed from the past. In the 90s, the grunge scene kids adopted an angsty attitude, but also many of the looks that were popular in happier, hippier times. Laid back looks dominated and were taken on by those keen to adopt the MO of not caring how they looked. However, many knew this apparent lack of pride in one’s looks to be a façade, and frequently caught glimpses of men messing up their hair to get that ‘just out of bed’ look perfect.

In more recent years, fashions that many people dreaded came back with a vengeance – the styles typical of the 80s returned and in the most surprising circles. Skinny jeans, androgynous looks and variations of the mullet exploded on the scene in many cities across the globe in hipster circles everywhere.

The painters, singers, band members, actors and people living in squats and on friends’ sofas everywhere picked up on the style – minus the converse shoes. Then the inevitable; onlookers and fashion watchdogs all over caught on and soon this fresh look could be purchased at corporate malls everywhere instead of just from thrift store racks.

Many might have been in doubt upon first seeing Pete Dogherty who has epitomised the new rockstar look in the tabloids, but like many trends, the fresh new look caught on. Many in the fashion world work towards being the first to predict the next new ‘must have’ item, and it looks like the skinny jeans [] trend will not end before the year is out. It is still the item that many teens will want, and coupled with the upsurge in young men who have become increasingly interested in image and fashion, sales are set to continue with many of the biggest names on the high street putting out new lines of the skinny cut.

However, what may be the glue holding this trend to us might not be the skinny, it is more likely to be the jean. The world fell in love with denim when it first came out of America. The rugged cloth and clean look maintained even in the grubbiest conditions combined with its versatility and wearability made it an instant favourite and a trend that will probably never disappear. Flared, straight, boot cut, skinny or the next invention for denim, any could be the next big thing for the beloved cloth.

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