Undercovers – NBC Picks Up New Spy Drama TV Series by JJ Abrams – 2010


After a break from the spy world (Alias), JJ Abrams is making a return to the spy / drama scene with his new TV series, Undercovers, which will premiere in 2010 on NBC. Initially NBC, ABC and CBS were all battling for this new spy drama that JJ Abrams wrote with Josh Remis, until NBC nailed a deal with Warner Bros. TV and JJ Abrams' Bad Robot. This deal marks JJ Abrams' first association with NBC, where the series has the potential to join the spy / drama / comedy hit series Chuck, when Undercovers premieres in the fall of 2010.

The sci-fi drama "Fringe" was Abrams first project and he co-created it under his deal with WBTV. Fringe was also written on spec and went through a bidding war in 2007, before scoring a deal with Fox.

The co-writer for Undercovers, Josh Reims, started working with JJ Abrams on Abrams' WB Network series "Felicity". He was also an executive producer alongside Abrams on ABC's "What About Brian."

The Undercovers plot revolves around the lives of two spies, husband and wife, who are working together but get involved with the dangers of living a spy life. Not much else has been released as of yet but judging from the main character casting – details below – I get the feeling Abrams is going for the Spy Kids-esque look. The casting sides for the lead characters describe Samanta and Steven as a good looking, sharp-minded, married spy couple living the spy life. There is also the elderly character Carlton Shaw, who is supposedly to have a "powerful presence" and be sarcastic. Uncle Felix Gumm anyone? As if that was not enough, there are two young casting sides for a Lizzy and Bill, who for all we know could be the next Carmen and Juni Cortez.

"I think the fun of this new show is that it is lighter and comedic in terms of a sweeter approach. not seen before. So that will be at least a fun experiment. " – JJ Abrams says of his new TV Series, Undercovers.

Abrams will be directing the opening episode of "Undercovers", which will be the first episode he has directed since 2004's "Lost" opener, which is considered to be one of the best-directed pilots of all time and it also helped Abrams launch his career into directing films such as Star Trek and Mission Impossible 3.


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