The Impressive Brother All In One MFC-J615W Wireless Printer – An Electronics Best Value

Current technology is mighty impressive – now you can buy a printer that acts like a computer!

The author recently junked a Lexmark all in one printer that was barely working with the Vista operating system.

The research indicated that a particular Canon All In One with wireless capabilities was rated highly and was moderately priced. Uh Oh! The local big name electronics store was out of the Canon printer.

But there were boxes of the Brother All In One Wireless printer that the author stumbled on. Lucky Day – same functionality for half the cost!

The Brother All In one faxes, copies, scans, and prints from both Windows 7 and Vista laptops.

Plus – it cost less than $ 100 on sale.

Plus – it has 4 different ink cartridges. So, when the yellow goes, you replace the yellow cartridge, NOT the entire color cartridge.

What more can you ask?

Okay – realistically – It could make the morning coffee!

Oh – and it also prints photos from compact photo cards.

The Question – Is not The Brother All In One Too Good To Be True?

As I mentioned in the opening sentence, printers are computers. Setup for the Brother All In One chewed up an hour from opening the box to installing software to printing wirelessly, but this all in one performances as advertised.

Even the most difficult test – receiving a fax to a voice mail telephone operated exactly as indicated in the basic user's manual supplied with the printer.

This new fangled printer is a keeper!

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