How To Select the B.School

The day is coming closer, all the MMS-CET aspirants are looking forward for one day when the MMS-CET results are going to get declared, all the aspirants have worked hard for the exam and now it's the time when they actually see the results of the same. There are may students who are brilliant get good result but end up in a low profile career which is never an aim of any management aspirant

There are two major parameters while aiming at good career first it's the score and second is the B-school in which you take admission, Applying to B.School on wholesale basis is an expensive and unnecessary exercise so the idea is to narrow down to few schools based on some relevant criteria, here are some guidelines you could use

Reparation: Due to media spotlight on MBA program many websites are available indicating information about various options today but one should try to pick schools that have been around for quite some time and have a good name in media, a candidate should do some research work about the schools, here websites and social networking can play major role, one should always try to find out the alumni network and ask question which are specific and to the point

Faculty: The prominent schools will have a list of faculty members and their credentials hosted on website as a mandatory disclosure, take some time to study this. People with good and relevant industry experience finally add value to the student, have a look at permanent and visiting faculties, may professors at the premier institutions also teach at other places, so you can make a pretty accurate assumption about the quality of the institute by the faculty members

Infrastructure: Another important factor in selecting the B.School is the infrastructure the school must have dedicated faculties, classrooms with good aesthetics, well equipped libraries, canteen labs etc otherwise a candidate should make an effort to visit the campuses, as he or she has to spend two years of life

Placements: As may of the students do not consider this as important issue as they want to get admitted to the MBA program however this is very very important factor in selecting the B.School. the school always presents the list of the recruiters for the year and the saloons offered to its students while analyzing the placements Do not just go by the embassies offered but also look at the profiles allotted and find outs something that suits your choice and personality

Location: Generally one should select the B.School which is near the vicity if all the parameters mentioned above are satisfied by the school

Alumni: This is potentially the most significant sources of information you can have. Since they have experienced the institute for good or bad it makes sense for one to try and contact as many alumni of as many different institutions. These really could make a valuable difference in your decision. More over there is no need to get panic, lose your sleep. An MBA is just a means to an end after all if you know the end you will find the means to reach it

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