People and Balancing SEO in Article Generation

There are some who claim that article generation in an SEO campaign does not work. Obviously, these folks haven’t done their homework. Article generation and marketing continues to be a proven method for generating traffic to websites and establishing superior search placement. Some critics will admit that they only distribute a few articles and sit back to wait for significant results. It is clear why article marketing didn’t work for them. Article marketing, just like every other tactic used in your SEO campaign, takes effort and time to become a profitable method. If you don’t make a real effort, you will not reap the benefits.

There is a rule of thumb in advertising and marketing called the “Marketing Rule of Seven,” which states consumers must see your marketing message at least seven times before they actually pay attention. Frustrating, but true. The silver lining in this “rule” is that once seven exposures have been made, consumers make an unconscious connection between the product and your brand and begin to trust your message.

Information is the King of the Internet, and e-commerce is driven by strategic messaging and product and service information. Websites benefit from relevant, interesting information that motivate consumers to invest in their products and services. When article marketing is done correctly, you will eliminate the boring, blathering keyword nonsensical-sandwich. Keywords can still be optimized for the search engines in an effective way. Article marketing will help a company establish itself as an expert in the field, and show the reader why your services are better than your competitor’s.

Just like doctors, writers specialize in different types of content creation. Marketing and advertising writers are known as ‘copywriters’ and specialize in sales and strategic copy. They understand the nuances of how to make people want to buy. Some writers also specialize in different types of content: books, brochures, and articles. Others may favor smaller word counts and focus on blog creation, greeting cards, or book jackets. You need to find the best writer that fits your business needs in content creation. They will understand and appreciate the importance of your keywords, while retaining the integrity of the content. It can be a delicate balance, but is easily achievable.

There are still some people who believe that an article’s only purpose is linkbait. An article that is not written well will not generate traffic, or reflect well on your company. The article is purposed to generate value for your company as well. If you can be consistently credible with your articles, you will have a successful article marketing campaign with an effective message. An intelligent use of your keywords will only strengthen the article’s appeal to both your human audience and the search engine spiders. There is a balance between the needs of your target audience and the search engines on content. If you deliver consistently, you will benefit handsomely from the campaign.

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