Finding Your Own Sense Of Style

Men shine brightly on the TV screen, daunting their cool kicks, designer sunglasses and seemingly fun and outrageous looks. You admire what they have done and now you're ready to follow in those footsteps and be the you that has been locked inside. But should you take this step and create your own copycat looks from those you see on the TV? It is too often that fashion disaster erupts when people try to take this route to their fashion.

Not all trends are created equal, nor do they all appease the needs of each individual man. Let's face it, we have all looked at someone else and wondered 'what were they thinking when they got dressed?' Trying to go with the looks you see on TV (or elsewhere for that matter, whether in a magazine or on a co-worker) will oftentimes result in those same questions being asked of you.

It is okay to not be suited for a certain style; not every man is created the same. However, what is important is that you understand this fact and are not going around looking foolish.

With all of this being said, how can you learn what is and what is not right for you in terms of your fashion etiquette? Contrary to popular belief, learning your style is not that difficult to do.

First, consider your physical attributes. Looks may not matter, but they sure affect how a particular piece will look on you. There are certain colors, textures and designs that will flatter your personal attributes rather than hinder them, and taking thins such as your skin tone, weight, muscular build, hair and eye color and posture you can better determine what works and what doesnt .

Where do you live? Yet another factor that can help determine your swag style. What's fashionable in Miami might not be quite impressive in Nebraska. Plus, weather conditions must be factored into the equation as well.

Is there a certain brand that you prefer? Some brands are just made to work well with certain people. When you find your brand, stick to it. Sometimes it is worth paying a bit more or looking a little harder to find he right clothing.

It is equally important to consider what you like as far as style goes. You have to like what you are wearing to feel comfortable in it to wear it well. When you find your clothing pieces to be appealing to the eye you will have far more confidence and can certainly make most any look work for you.

With that in mind, also consider the fact that the way you dress will be an inclement factor in how others perceive you. So, if you want to be perceived as a certain style or want to avoid other negative stereotypes, keep this on the forefront of your mind when selecting your fashions.

Use the tips above together with your personal style to decipher an individual look all your own. It is worth the extra amount of effort that it takes because you will always go out with that confidence and look that you want.

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