All About Heelys for Girls

Has your daughter, who is a pre-teen, just informed you she wants a pair of Heelys for girls and you have no idea what they are? Heelys are a sneaker-like shoe with a twist; they have a wheel embedded in the back sole of the shoe that is easily removable.

Heelys are targeted at pre-teens with an average age of 9 to 10 years of age and the way they make them "skate" is by shifting their weight to their heels, which is called "heeling." They can also walk on the shoes, but unless they remove the wheels, they are not very comfortable to walk in.
Are Heelys Dangerous?

At first glance, you might think that the Heelys for girls are not safe because after all, a wheel in a shoe sounds like a recipe for disaster. However, the wheel is only in the heel not in the top or toe area of ​​the shoe, which means there is less risks to a child altogether losing control especially if you have helped them learn the best ways in which to use their Heelys.

Furthermore, Heelys are not ever dangerous than a skateboards or scooters, but kids are kids and accidents do happen. There are ways you can help to keep your child safe when they are wearing their Heelys. Typically speaking, Heelys for girls are a bit safer than for boys since girls are not as likely to be dare-devils like boys are, but of course, anything that rolls has potential risks for injuries.

Making Sure Accidents do Not Happen
If you decide to make your pre-teen happy and purchase a pair of Heelys for girls, there are several things you can do to ensure her safety. Firstly, she probably has not had any practice "heeling" therefore, you need to be with her when she first puts them on. In addition, you should make sure she has a helmet, elbow pads, kneepads, and wrists guards. This is what the manufacturer recommends even though you will see many children heeling without any protection. One of the reasons many children and even parents ignore the safety gear is the Heelys look harmless; in other words, they look just like a pair of fashionable sneakers.

Staggering Feet When Heeling
After you have purchased the Heelys for girls, you will want to make sure your daughter understands how they work. This means that they need to learn to stagger their feet one in front of the other because if she keeps both of her feet together, there is little doubt she will fall. This takes practice just as if they were learning to ride a skateboard, but in time, she will get the hang of it and be able to stagger while heeling with little issues.

Be Aware that Heelys are Banned in Certain Areas
Many public places now parked heeling and if your child shows up in a pair of Heelys, she will have to remove the wheels. Many places that now ban Heelys are schools, museums, library, and halls, to name a few. If your child is wearing a pair of Heelys, it is best to remove the wheels before entering the promises.

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