How Do Porn Stars Last So Long? Their Sex Secrets Revealed

I used to have this girlfriend, not much to look at and completely crazy, but she was up for absolutely anything in bed. We would watch porn together all the time to get new ideas. Now this lead to many great times, as I said, she’d try anything, but it also meant I was always disappointing her. Whatever I did I couldn’t keep going like the guys in the movies did. I was always wondering how do porn stars last so long?

After one particularly embarrassing night, I’d finished before she even really got going, I decided to find out what their secrets were.

Luckily I live in a part of California that’s pretty famous for its adult entertainment industry. I asked a few of my friends if they knew of anyone in that scene, and I was surprised how easy it was to get in touch with one of the actors.

He told me about an internet forum that many of the guys use to discuss jobs, techniques, rumours and such, just like any other line of work. He made me promise not to give out the address, these secrets after all make up a large part of their living, and out of respect for him I intend to keep that promise. But I will share some of their secrets with you.

First thing to remember is that there is a lot of movie magic at play. They can last a lot longer than your average guy, but the producers are also very good at stitching scenes on to each other so that 3 sex bouts can look like just one.

There are techniques that work.

They use condoms with a small amount of desensitising cream on them. You can buy these over the counter at many places these days. These are the first step for beginners – you get excellent, immediate results.

If things get too close too quickly, they’re not afraid to switch things up, change position, have a break etc, changing the type of stimulation can work wonders.

They are very good at thinking about other things, whether it’s football or cars or their rent, whatever it takes to get their minds of the hot blonde they’re having sex with at the time.

The last tip – they get lots and lots of practice. This was the most common piece of advice given to the new guys. Try and try again.

Being part of that forum, if only for a short time, was certainly an eye opener. When I think back to that crazy girl I had I always wonder what we could have got up to, since now I know how porn stars last so long.

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