How VPN Is Safer Than Trusted Computing

Business enterprises and government institutions are constantly looking for ways to protect data security. The cyber fraud is increasing and no user is safe on the internet. Every individual and organization should potentially establish secure platforms to communicate with other systems on the internet. The challenge in establishing secure platforms is that anonymity is compromised while enhancing security. For internet users, anonymity is equally important as security and hence, finding the right platform to ensure anonymity and security at the same time is important. Moreover, the platform should have minimal demands from the clients because the use of mobile devices and mobile internet can not always guarantee access to consistent hardware and software from the client side.

Trusted Computing – What Is It?

Trusted computing is a new kind of technology developed by an exclusive Trusted Computing Group. This group essentially believes that software security should be coupled with hardware security to provide reliable and safe environments for internet users to gain safe and secure access to internet. According to trusted computing technology, consistent behavior is expected from the client side and this behavior is reinforced by a combination of hardware and software. To make anonymity possible, the trusted computing technology uses a trusted third party as a middleman between the client and server.

VPN – How It Works?

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology believes in the use of trusted and secure servers as middleman between client and server. Rather than connecting to the main server, the clients will establish contacts with the secure server which will in turn connect to the main server requested by the client. All the data transferred from client to trusted server will stay secure and the server will attempt to provide security and anonymity to clients. The main server will never even know that the client is connecting through a secure middleman server.

Why VPN Is Safe And Better Than Trusted Computing?

When two different technologies are available to meet the same purpose, it is only natural to compare the technologies to find out a better option. The technology that is only suitable for people and organizations with a specific set of resources can not be implemented by everyone and this where VPN gains a winning point. Moreover, trusted computing technology is still in its budding stage and not everyone can benefit from it.

The trusted computing technology is only possible when the clients have resources and means to use services of trusted third parties. The server that has to connect with the client should also have access to trusted servers. Otherwise, anonymity is impossible. VPN on the other hand is very well established and the servers do not have to worry about the source of the connection. Complete anonymity is guaranteed for client computers and data transferred between client and VPN servers is always secure. Moreover, mobile VPN is also available and since, you can securely access internet even from your mobile devices. The quality of data security and anonymity you obtain from VPN servers directly depends on the service provide and that is why you should trust leaders in the industry like and

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