A Sample Web Proposal

Many times you feel difficult to develop a website proposal for your client and many of you are still unaware of the importance of a web proposal. Here we are trying to help you at some extent. Here a sample web proposal is given for your help.

Web Proposal

Contents of Web Proposal

1. Methodology
2. Features and goals
3. Production Turn Around Time
4. Cost Estimates
5. Qualities

Methodology – We work with a small, independent but highly skilled team of professional by following an agile methodology. In order to develop a website we generally use Javascripts, PHP and an open source content management system such as Joomla, Mambo or Plone.

This saves the time that is required for developing a site. It also saves the cost customization and implementation as well.

Features and goals – The web sites developed by us consist of numerous features such as cross-browser and platform compatibility, fast loading, resizable fonts, light pages, Meta tags, title tags, and alt tags. We emphasize the content creation, editing, updating, archiving and deletion through the site.

Our goal of the development is to deliver the quality to the client. Using Joomla, the various components like user registration, search etc can be effectively dovetailed in the site.

Production Turn around Time – The turn around time for a website variates with the requirement of the site contents, but usually a small website is created in 15 days. For some websites this might be something high or less.

Cost Estimates – The site development work is done using your desired features and the things whatever you need to put into your site. These customized sites are developed in $ 350-450 depending on the work.

Qualities – Our quality work includes RSS feeds of local news, Send this page to a friend, Site map, Moderated community forum, events, public submission via web and many more. Our quality gives you the ability to make your sites social and more business oriented with our ecommerce enabled websites.

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