Get Lots of Traffic to Your Website From Forums – Create Back Links and SEO


Forums are a great way to kick start the traffic to any web page. Links are easily produced and use of forums is generally free. Most forums that are available on the internet today have a signature function. This is a couple of lines of text that will appear at the end of every post you make and is customisable by the user. By adding a brief description of your web site followed by a link is a sure fire way to entice traffic. Every time you reply to a thread or take part in a discussion you will be creating a back link.

Bank links from forum posts do not hold much value however when it comes to things like Google Page Rank. Because of how easy they are to acquire Google and other search engines tend to disregard them in that sense. What they do do though is provide a unique way of generating targeted traffic. The traffic will be targeted if the forum you use relates to your website.

There are 2 things you must remember to make forum post back links work.

1. Only use forums that are jam packed with users. The more users that are moving round the forum the more likely you are to get a signature click. You can easily check to see if a forum has a large quantity of users by checking how many times each post is viewed. Most forums these days tend to give this information at the start of every thread.

2. Ensure that you use a signature that will entice people to click your link. Use something as bait and think about what the customer wants.

Another thing to remember is not to spam the forum. If it is clear that your sole intention of being there is to drive traffic to your own site then you will be directed for spamming. The best way which benefits everyone is to take part in as many discussions as you can and frequently answer other user's questions. Forum traffic is extremely easy to acquire and used in the right way can be a great method of promotion for your website.


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