Beginning to Blog – Some Basic Blogging Ideas

It’s getting harder and harder to be on the Internet without coming into contact with a blog or discussion of blogging. What started out as a small area of special interest has grown into a huge phenomenon.

At its most basic level or blog is simply a very easy way to post your content on the Internet for others to read.

In the old days a blog was referred to as a web log. In posting your information on the Internet using a blog you’re allowing readers to read your information via RSS reader. An RSS reader allows you to scan the headlines of articles posted on any blogs that interest you. You just load up your favorite blogs open up the RSS reader and you can click on the headline in be taken to the information you desire.

The first step in creating your own blog is to select the platform to publish it on. Utilizing these pre-designed platforms and templates takes a lot of the technical and tricky aspects out of the picture. Your job simply is to write and post your material. In the strongest possible terms I suggested Word Press as a publishing platform. It allows the greatest flexibility in is the most professional looking.

The advantages of blogs are these:

1. Your writings are instantly published and are under your control. You can add pictures movies and audio recordings very simply without knowing any complicated programming language.

2. If you update your blog relatively frequently search engines will love you and visitors will be attracted to your message or point of view.

3. It is non-intrusive. In other words it’s up to the visitor whether they choose to visit you are not, it is not like advertising or receiving unwanted e-mails.

4. They are very cheap to maintain and there are literally thousands of free templates for you to use. You may want to purchase a domain name for approximately 9 dollars a year in hosting can be had for three dollars a month.

5. You can establish your blog as an authority site, or a small mini site. You can have as many or as few as you like. It’s all up to you in on the your control

6. If it is your objective is relatively easy to monetize your blog and provide a part-time or full-time income from it.

If you’re just starting out with a blog and want to learn more is a strong suggestion to get some professional blog training. There is a lot of it available on the Internet.

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