DIRECTV HD Programming

High-definition television is truly the wave of the future when it comes to the home viewing experience. For decades, television viewers have been forced to watch inferior quality pictures from cheap television sets, leaving the thrill of the movie-viewing experience strictly to the theater. Viewers also had to watch the special disclaimed stating that the film they are about to see had been modified to fit their screen-yes, an inferior square faced screen that cut off about 20-30% of the entire film. This is what HDTV gives back to the viewer. With high definition television, now the only thing saving the movie experience is the popcorn and the reaction of a live audience. Because speaking in terms of technology, the latest wide screen digital televisions can broadcast a much clearer picture, complete with Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

Of course, shopping for high definition television can be pricey, as some high definition DVDs can cost double the price of a standard DVD. This potential problem is resolved when you subscribe to a low cost satellite television provider, such as DIRECTV. They are currently offering 95 channels exclusively reserved for high definition TV. What is the satellite giant planning for the future of HDTV? They are already planning to produce programming for 76 local markets as of this writing. This indicates that over 75% of all TV households in America will have access to local channels in HDTV, including networks like ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox.

In addition, viewers can also tune in to the latest mainstream Hollywood hits. Families can enjoy the high-tech designs and big laughs that come from movies like Bee Movie, starring the vocal talents of Jerry Seinfeld and Renee Zellweger. Adults can enjoy the gripping suspense thriller No Country for Old Men, directed by Joel and Ethan Cohen and starring Javier Bardem and Tommy Lee Jones. Suspense thrillers are made all the more riveting when you can see the full picture and get a sense of the colors and contrasts the filmmakers intended.

Additionally, you can also enjoy sporting events, theater and premium channels like HBO, Cinemax and Starz. Imagine watching wrestling events like WWE Backlash or Wrestlemania on a wide screen featuring all your favorite sports superstars in vivid, ultra-real color. You can also watch sporting events like the French Open, the Indianapolis 500, the NFL Network, the NBA Championships or the NHL Stanley Cup. Cinemax in HD specializes in big studio releases and adult entertainment after hours, as you might already know if you’re a channel flipper. Cartoons are also much more enjoyable on the big screen whether you’re watching classics like Aladdin or the latest satire on Cartoon Network. You can even treat yourself to a wide screen wild life safari on Animal Planet or the Discovery Channel.

If you have a wide screen TV then don’t wait for the weekend to enjoy the powerful capabilities of your new system. Watch HDTV shows, movies and original programming on DIRECTV’s HDTV package, offering nearly 100 channels of true color, high resolution and wide screen movie magic.

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