Wireless Head Sets

Wireless head phones will grant you the ability to enjoy the freedom of not having a wire attached to your head set, plus free you from the problem of having a very short or very long wire attached to it making it very uncomfortable to use.

Just remember that the head phones can just be plugged directly into your TV, radio or PC, the wireless headphones work with infrared signals or radio signals and you can then do what you want with these headphones on your head listening to your music while exercising, cooking or even lay down on your bed.

These head phones are designed to work on almost all the different stereo brands, making it easy for you to buy these wireless head sets knowing that it will work on your stereo system, the wireless headphones functions by sending and receiving signals from a device plugged in to your stereo system, mp3 player or your TV.

These head sets are able to connect to a specific number of these audio channels at the same time, your headphones will need battery's but do not panic Most of the batteries used by these phones can be recharged so your are set for a while on buying batteries .

Wireless headphones can work with infrared signals almost like your TV remote, most of these headphones have a certain distance limit from the main sender and receiver these differences can differ from the different wireless headphones brands, the average distance that these headphones are able to send and receive are more or less 10m but remember it must be in line of sight of the receiver.

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