Lynnwood: A Dream Destination for Shopping and Living

Lynnwood is fast becoming a popular destination for people looking to relocate. This area is well-populated with professionals that work in Seattle and commute the very short distance. Lynnwood gives residents a type of quiet, community atmosphere not readily found in the heart of the city, and is preferred by many. Lynnwood is the fourth largest city in Snohomish County, however, and locals still enjoy living in a central, bustling Washington hub. Located in the southernmost corner of Snohomish County and only 17 miles from downtown Seattle, Lynnwood is ideal location-wise. It is a favorite for people employed by Boeing and the Navy specifically. There is direct access to three major highways from Lynnwood, including I-405, I-5 and Highway 99.

Lynnwood is family oriented, and is naturally sprinkled with communities, cul-de-sacs and multi-level homes. Condos are also available, and modern living is not only very possible, but readily available. The homes in this area range from sprawling Victorians to cozy ramblers, and everything in between. There is room sufficient as well to design and build your own house to your tastes. This city prides itself in relaxed living, and having the ease of the big city right at your fingertips.

With Alderwood Mall and the Lynnwood Shopping Center, there is no shortage of fantastic shopping in Lynnwood. Lynnwood is a desired location for tourists looking for great deals and a big city shopping experience. The halls are located centrally enough that they do not negatively affect the homes living around them; the noise and bustle of the shopping areas are contained. The residential areas in Lynnwood enjoy a calm and quiet atmosphere, while still being able to take advantage of just about every shop, restaurant, retail store and coffee shop just a drive, bike or walk away.

With lots of classic Italian restaurants dotting the area, residents enjoy fresh cuisine all of the time. Favorites include The Old Spaghetti Factory, Bucca de Beppo's, The Olive Garden and Amante Pizza and Pasta. There are also several excellent Asian food restaurants that dot the area, including authentic Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese food.

The surrounding area offers tons of fun activities for kids and adults alike. There are 17 public parks in Lynnwood, all as beautiful and unique as the city itself. Scriber Lake Park is a beautiful park that lies in the heart of the city, just to the east of the Lynnwood Shopping Center. Scriber Lake Park is large wetland, has a floating dock and a great informative trail with signs for kids. The largest park in Lynnwood is Lyndale Park, and is a grand total of 40 acres. Locals keep an eye out for performances that take place on the Amphitheater located in the park.

Moving to a city like Lynnwood is a great idea. It is the epitome of a great Washington city, with the heart of a small town and the convenience of a big city. It's natural beauty is evident, and the people who live there take it seriously. Lynnwood is the destination for the dual lover of convenience and care.

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