Computer Forensics – One of America’s "Hottest" Jobs

Computer forensics is relatively new and growing bigger by the day. Simply “Google” it, you will see long list of vacancies available for individuals with bachelor’s and master’s degree as well as jobs as freelances and in consulting firms. The high salaries that are offered to experienced and skilled computer forensics have has always been a “hot” topic. If you are someone who is born to be in the forensic world, i.e. have the characteristics such as curiosity and investigative, it is perhaps, the time to get involved in this field. Other than that, do you possess the followings?  

1)      Computers are your best friend  

Most of the best computer forensics is born to be curious about how and why computers work since they are kids. They spend most of their childhood reading, researching and exploring the computers. You should have good knowledge of computers, and would like to know more.  

2)      Education  

Education is the elixir for all problems. In order to gain yourself a place in this hot job, you need to have recognised qualifications from accredited schools. Enhance your resume by getting other certifications such as the CISSP, CISM, CISA, or CCSP.  

3)      Working Experience  

You may be excited to become a computer forensic student. However, real working life is far different from your college/university life. Accumulate hands-on experiences during your spare times and listen to experienced people around you.  Equipping yourself with the necessary skills may give you a higher chance during the interview session and also to mentally prepare you how to survive in the computer forensic industry longer.  

4)      Invest in Useful Tools  

As a computer forensic, you are expect to know how to use specialised recovery programs to recover what was thought to be deleted or erased, or hidden evidence, either all or part of it. Investing and getting familiar with computer forensic software will assist your chance in getting hired or even becoming your own boss.  

5)      Good Writing Skills  

Computer forensics is required to write detail and technical reports on the data recover and to testify in Court. Hence, you should sharpen your writing as well as public speaking skills.  

There is no shortcut in getting into this “hot” job, but with proper preparation and determination, you may be one of the few enjoying the high paid computer forensic job.  

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