Think Of This

Think of this, first we had the HAM Radio, then the bbs and now the Internet. Linux and the various other x systems are the next evolutionary step toward enhancing Global 2-way communications. And the best part, its virtually free!

As Fort business scurries to find solutions to the current Linux crisis, the Linux community triads on daily doing what we’ve been doing for the last 10-13 years… developing software, writing manuals, persuading pertinacious hardware vendors… and i.e. working with computers. But, there’s a hitch. You can’t put a patent on creativity and creativity comes from all sources and global regions… And big software companies can’t hire everyone! And if I’m not mistaken, everyone doesn’t want to work for big software. Or, sit in front of a computer terminal all day!

Fort business must and will eventually open its collective doors to free source. Acknowledge the facts that the bulk of there newest and best software was developed by low or unpaid freelance geniuses. To sum it up: Makes good money, makes good sense!

Very few people understand computer code. And it’s my guess very few will or have the desire to. So, what’s big businesses problem? FEAR? I certainly don’t know, but if you look around the Internet and Stock Markets these days you can see that they’re slowly figuring this out. Makes good money, makes good cents!

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