The Ab Coaster Pro and the Ongoing Fitness Machine Controversy

The Ab Coaster Pro, being one of the more popular ab exercisers on the market, has both enthusiastic advocates, as well as staunch detractors.

On the one hand, the Ab Coaster has gotten high-profile coverage via television infomercials and numerous positive reviews by users on multiple websites.

On the other hand, you have the fitness gurus pushing diet, nutrition and body weight exercises, and some of them preaching that abs fitness machines are a waste of time and money.

Of course, the manufacturers of fitness equipment want to increase sales, so they are going to advertise their products and hype the benefits of them, perhaps at times to excess, making a variety of “get fit quick” claims.

Likewise, if one is promoting fitness programs that emphasize body-weight workouts, why would you be telling people to spend money on a piece of machinery?

So, then, what the heck is one supposed to make of all this?

Some members of the “health and fitness” community will bash the Ab Coaster Pro as if it won’t help one achieve their fitness goals.

Nonsense! The folks that created this abs machine never made any guarantee that their equipment would give you anything like six-pack abs when used alone. (Case in point: They even provide a basic nutrition and program to follow as a compliment to using their product.)

It should go without saying that a good diet and nutrition plan is key to fat-loss and overall fitness. Products and programs providing guidance with regards to this can actually compliment the work one does with a quality fitness machine.

As many fitness gurus point out, focused work on the abs to the neglect of a well-rounded diet and workout routine will meet with disappointing results: It is true that you can’t “spot burn” fat.

However, a workout routine that neglects core strengthening would be equally shortsighted.

In terms of abdominal exercisers that are convenient to use, and revolutionary in their design to MAXIMIZE the benefits of a muscle-building, fat-burning abs workout, the Ab Coaster Pro is very tough to beat.

This, in addition to it’s commercial-grade construction, is one reason why it is not uncommon to see this product in membership fitness gyms.

This product has had staying power in the market precisely because, in actuality, there are many people who utilize it to achieve their fitness goals, even up to, and including, getting ripped with six-packs abs!

There seems to be quite a number of user reviews on the ‘net from people who have been enjoying the usage of this abs machine.

It would behoove one to find out why. Get past the naysayer half-truths and check this machine out. Find out more information by clicking on the link below and get serious about getting the abs you want!

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