Oh Please, Not Another Article on Bullying


Everyone has been bullied at one time or another, if they say they haven’t they just didn’t recognize what was happening at the time. The RAND Corp did some research and it turns out that 17% of those bullied became bullies themselves – akin to the story of a kid who had his plastic shovel stolen in the sandbox in the 1st grade grows up and becomes a cop, who treats everyone bad. The trick is to not become a bully yourself, just because you were once bullied. Since bullying seems to be innate in this carbon based bi-pedal species, it’s time for people to get over it, and deal with it — move on because success is the best revenge — not apply the same to others when it comes to bullying.

Does anyone else here feel that this whole “Bullying BS” has been taken way too far, and overblown to the point of ridiculousness? I often find myself reading about “bullying” and thinking that people need to stop sniveling and realize the world is a tough place, so be strong internally, and let the bullies find their own demise, simply because what goes around comes around, which seems to be common wisdom.

I’ve listened to bullied victims and I hear what they are saying, but having had folks attempt all those things on me, it didn’t work because I believe in self. If others allow “concerted efforts to demean, discredit, intimidate, humiliate, or lie about someone’s character, and/or harm physically/emotionally” then those victims need help with self-esteem, not enforcement because as soon as you put enforcement on one bully, you now have precedence to lower the threshold of “definition of bullying” to the point that it’s used by wannabe victims to have the authority “Bully” anyone they don’t like. You have alluded to this, and it happens every day, it becomes “baiting” and is used to emasculate normal innate behavior, when it is used wrong, and I would submit to you, that it is worse than if we never allowed anyone to be a victim in the first place or enforced bullies.

One bullied individual told me they never use the word “Victim” but in the current society and current popular definition of the word “Bullying” everyone else does use the word victim. So, it “IS” part of the debate, whether you or I like it or not. Creating a society of ‘victims’ doesn’t do anyone any good.

Lastly, we also have the right to “Free Speech” and if someone “believes” someone else is an SOB for instance, it is their right to explain their views. Political correctness on “bullying” would love to silence free speech, I say, “No, that wouldn’t be right either.”

We should be weary of labeling bullies and victims both. We should be careful not to become the thought police or try to limit free speech, always realizing that it’s nearly impossible to “regulate morality” cite: History. And, I for one, surely wouldn’t want to start. Please consider all this.


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