Obstacles Are Much More than Challenges for Us to Handle


Life is full of obstacles, so I do not think I'm the only person who is tired of being told there's no such thing as an obstacle, that everything should be considered a challenge. If I hear that one more time myself, I may scream. The truth is: life is indeed full of obstacles.

Just ask a 2-year-old, who can not do what she wants to do because some guys prevent her at every turn. Ask the single mom who can not go to school to learn job skills because there's no transportation or child care available. Ask the young man confined to a wheelchair who can not negotiate the curbs in the neighborhood because the city never got around to sloping them at intersections. Those are not challenges, my friends; those are obstacles!

Ask the 17-year-old who can not pursue any of her career choices because the so-called guidance counselor at her high school says, "People like you are a burden on society, so. forget about such silliness. " Ask the wife which abusive husband tells her she's stupid and is only on earth to serve him and his needs.

After either one of those individuals has broken a woman's spirit, it may be decades before she recovers her nerve to try anyway, and then then, half a lifetime has been wasted. Those few existing fairy godmothers are awfully busy people and just do not get around to everyone, young and old, who so desperately needs them.

On the other hand, anyone or anything can look like a failure in the middle. Life is full of obstacles that defeat us at every turn. We need to find ways around them, under them, over them, or, when all else fails, straight through them. And the bigger the hole we leave in our wake, probably the better. That's called the constructive "I'll show them!" of final frustration.

It's always better to use love to overcome enemies, but some people only respond to being metaphorically hit in the head with a 2 x 4 (not referring to a modified SUV). Certain people come from backgrounds or cultures that only respect those who shove back. This means, for our own protection and that of our families, we sometimes need to caber toss those people who step in our face at every turn.

I'm not talking about breaking the law, or assaulting someone, the way shortsighted, hate-filled people too often do. However, each one of us must stand up, both for ourselves and our dreams. No one can just lie down in the road and wait to be run over again by the same berserk steamroller, or spiked by the same zealot.

Finally, as I've heard Dr. Bertice Berry say, "use obstacles to change yourself and it will change everyone who comes back you. Do not get abused in the past! ! "

Move forward with love, with great humor and with determination. Persistence and determination will get you from where you are to where you want to be, or very close to it.


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