Cost Effective BPO-SEO Activities to Apply For 2011 Internet Marketing


Let's admit it. We can not help the lure of e-commerce. And since the possibility of butthead heads with thousands of aspiring and established entrepreneurs, many today still find it appealing to engage in online marketing. Maybe it's because of the prospect of a huge ROI or the thrill of starting something worthwhile without having to spend a lot that encourage the rise in statistic. Well, whatever it is, it's clear that this new business trend will not show signs of decreasing any time soon. And moreover, the outrsource IT to Philippines operations that support it.

So while there is the availability of cost-effective BPO providers who are willing to make your internet marketing endeavors less complicated, you should at least know what you would have them do to give more value to your investments this 2011.

1. Blogging
No, this does not only refer to your ordinary content creation blogging. In 2011, this will already be strongly associated with SEO friendly technical writing that allows businessmen to interest both the readers and search engines in their company. This also involves other link building activities that sets the blog site up with more influence and more traffic – for example blog commentary and microblogging. Now, in building up content, one can consider writing up about interviews or featuring other known blogs or bloggers so as to make the page more informative and authoritative.

2. Social Media
In 2010, it was all about social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. In 2011, Orkut, Jaiku, LinkedIn, Plurk, and even Skype, along with other communication mediums, will dominate the social networking scene in terms of building contacts and presenting products and services. Video marketing will also become a big part of the web 2.0 social media link building strategy with businesses preferring to stream their video ads on free sites and make it potentially viral than pay television display. Social networking is actually great to use in promoting a business as it exposes it to a network that is made viable for patronization. It also allows businesses to be visible for real-time researchers. And finally, it also allows users to build up and expand their network so they can reach more people and generate more leads.

3. Distribution of information
It was only in 2010 when this particular SEO activity was given notice. In 2011, the attention will be further supplemented with the creation of lists, case studies, tutorials, ebooks, reviews, overviews and creative media. These will not only be attractive to searchers and search engines because of their content worth. They will also be helpful in boosting the reliability and authority of the site that it is endorsing or is its source.

Just to be clear, search engine optimization is one of the most sought after outsourced marketing services as it allows websites to boost their traffic, visibility, and credibility to the public without having to use tedious, expensive, time-limited and obviously propaganda-driven marketing logos and ads. It also helps them present their products and services to their targeted customers in strategic locations in the internet so that they're able to generate good leads and convert them to sales. With this, it is clear to see how powerful and useful search engine optimization and search engine optimization staffs are.


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