Webinar Software for Training and Corporate Meetings


Webinar software packages have emerged to become tools that make business communication to be easier and simpler. Owing to the fact that online seminars can now be conducted anywhere and anytime, organisational productivity has improved significantly. Global companies such as Google, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft and PricewaterhouseCoopers have their major presence in Australia. In such a scenario, faster and smarter ways to give away presentations become even more important. These needs can be fulfilled by making use of webinar tools. These tools come with software packages that are packed with sophisticated attributes such as registration plans, email templates, toll free conferencing, and online slide presentation.

Owing to the advanced features that such tool posses, a webinar can become an efficient alternative to conventional methods of conducting seminars. A major benefit offered by webinar software is that it works efficiently across various web browsers and operating systems. With the help of these, the exchanging information becomes simpler and faster and can result in increased sales figures and employee productivity. The time taken by conventional seminars can also be reduced, which can be utilised in other operations. Improvement in organizational productivity can thus be achieved in the most effective manner.

Beside the easy and anywhere accessibility, visual stimulation also provides webinars an edge over traditional seminars. This is accomplished by the host in two different ways – using slides and special effects. First of all, by making the use of presentation software like Microsoft Power Point, slides which are to be displayed are animated. Needless to say, animated visuals and slides are easier to understand than their static counterparts. Relevant sounds and music is also added to the slides, thus ensuring ease in understanding. As a second technique, movie editing software such as Adobe’s After Effects is used which makes way for further addition of special effects.

Apart from corporate seminars, webinar software is also used to conduct training and education programmes for the employees in an organisation. In doing so, webinar does away with display board, notepads, printed documents, travel time and costs, and other materials that are part of conventional seminars. This is a major cost cutting approach without compromising on the efficiency of the event.

A web seminar can work in two ways – via demanded feed and live feed. Both of these webinar tools have the same targeted application while varying in operational principle. In case of on demand feed, a pre recorded video or presentation is always available. Participants can log in as when they feel the need to look over the content, thus making seminars quite similar to webcasts. However, live feed demands the presence of all participants at the same time. A request is made before the start of such session which ensures the presence of all participants. This can however cause slight delay in the process.

In case of on demand feed, sessions are pre-recorded and so, can be paused and reviewed whenever required, while the same probably will not be possible in case of live feed. The best selection among webinar tools depends on the kind of presentation to be made. For example, if a lot of individuals from different locations need to view presentation at the same time, opting for on demand feed can be more productive and effective.


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