Is Speech Recognition Software Right For You?


Speech recognition software is becoming increasingly popular among college students and business minded people alike. The reason it is becoming so popular is because you are able to speak and the speech recognition software will type it out for you with great accuracy.

When speech recognition software first came out it got a bad name because the accuracy was very poor and it would actually take longer to use it then it would just sit and type of paper. This is not the case anymore. Some of the more advanced software programs have an accuracy rate of 99% and it allows you to quickly switch between talking and typing.

One of the great benefits of voice recognition software is that by using it you can cut the time that it will take you to type by 70%. This could free up a lot of time for you if you tend to type a lot. This is especially great for college kids to have to write a lot of papers. With any speech recognition software you get you will need to train it. You do this by reading preset passes so the software can pick up on how you pronounce your words.

The more training you do the more accurate it will be when you start using it. You have to do a minimum of one training session. If that is all you choose to do the speech recognition software will make more mistakes at first but the more use it the more accurate it will become. Another thing that will make it more accurate is if you're working in a quiet environment. I have found some noise will not affect the software but when my son comes running into the room to tell me something, more times than not, it will type what he's saying.

So if you tend to work from home or if kids are a major part of your daily routine then you might be better off just typing.


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