Dr. Rajkumar – The Legend of Kannada Movies

The Phenomenon, All Time Legend

In the annals of Kannada film history, Dr.Rajkumar has achieved the frontline position because of his off and on screen glorious presence in the five decades of his career.

He has conquered all awards, set innumerable fans all over Karnataka, reached the pinnacle position in the society and stood as a model for every actor born.

His 205 films exhibit fine control an actor has to possess besides creating an unforgettable memory in the minds of audience.

He is the only actor that the Karnataka has ever produced who is ease with Mythological, Historical and Social films. From Gauthama Buddha to James Bond type of films he proved that the concentration, devotion, patience and hard work pay for a long innings in onefs career.

Dr.Rajkumar before making debut at Muthuraj in 1954 in Bedara Kannappa appeared in one of the Rishifs role in a Kannada film.

As full-fledged hero in Bedara Kannappa Muthuraj (The parents were devotees of Lord Anjeneya near Muthathi) was re-christened as Rajkumar and from then on he became the much sought after hero of Kannada cinema. Today he is an Institution by himself and the latest film 205th is regarded as the Dictionary of Films for actors.

Dr.Rajkumar entered into films with a strong theatre background. His father Sri Singanallur Puttaswamaiah was his Guru the mentor. He picked up singing at the age of two and later he was taught the nuances of acting, singing, modulation in dialogue delivery. As it was a practice in the theatre that all characters have to sing for their own role, it helped the young Muthuraj to delve into more details with perfection. The copybook style is an insult to onefs ability his father used to tell Dr.Rajkumar.

The young Muthuraj completed schooling up to fourth standard and went on to become a legend. He automatically got the prestigious Doctorate from Mysore University, the Karnataka Ratna award the highest award of the State, the prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke award at the National level. This is besides receiving the Padma Bhushan award given by the Central Government, the Best Play back singer award at the National level for his song in the film Jeevana Chaitra. Today he has reached beyond all awards in his age of 72 and respected to the core by all sections of the society. Keeping away from politics Dr.Rajkumar earned more glory into his kitty. An uneducated reaching to top honors is not an easy task HE IS THE WONDER FOR EVER IN KARNATAKA HISTORY AS A WHOLE.

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