DVD Packaging – Keeping Your Movies Safe


DVD packaging can be found in a variety of styles. In fact, digital video is often packed in some of the same case styles offered for CD’s. These common styles include c-shell cases, die cut jackets, adhesive hubs, digipaks, kick out cases, a wide variety of sleeves and jewel cases. In addition, there are translucent Blu-ray cases and of course the standard album case.

– The c-shell is a front opening plastic case in which the disc is securely enclosed.

– The die cut jacket is made of cardboard. The disc slips into the top for stage.

– An adhesive hub is simply a plastic round to which the disc is affixed by a center ring; this round has a piece of adhesive on the back of it.

– A cardboard digipak comes folded and has a plastic tray affixed inside to hold the disc.

– A plastic kick out case is a secure and easy way to store a disc. The disc is secure in this style of case until the lever on the outside is released.

– Sleeves are the cheapest variety of DVD packaging and they can be found in several different materials.

– The jewel case is clear and can be purchased with or without a clear, black or white tray to hold the disc.

– Blu-ray cases are actually a translucent blue. They usually only hold actual Blu-ray discs. (Blu-ray is an optical storage disc)

– Standard album cases are usually black although they are available in colored versions. These can accommodate between one and six discs. The album case is also offered in a slim line style, which is basically just a thinner version of the same case.

If you are in the market for large quantities of DVD packaging, you can find wholesale providers online. By purchasing wholesale, you can save a significant amount of money. Most providers that sell these types of cases also offer other office, package, shipping and media supplies. You may receive further discounts for purchasing more than one type of item, so if you are thinking about expanding your line of business to include more than what you are offering right now, this may just be the time to do it.

However, what if you are not involved in a business venture that could benefit from a large stock of DVD packaging? Do not worry; there are still plenty of deals for you too. Most disc cases are priced by the piece, so no matter the quantity involved, your cost is still going to be fairly low.

Now you know everything that the average consumer needs to know about DVD Packaging (and then some!). It is up to you to decide what style is going to be right for your needs. Once that decision is made all you need to do is go shopping. Pay attention to shopping costs. Some stores have low prices, but high shipping and handling. Other stores may charge a couple pennies more per case but offer free shipping and handling. Calculate your costs for the best deal and check the store’s feedback when available.


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