Web Based Time Tracking Software and Solutions


Is your organization looking for a time tracking software and solution? Are you looking for a web based time tracking software that can take care of the billing to your clients? There are several different types of online software and solutions available that will not only track time but also log total expenses and help in creating invoices using a integrated workflow process. The good thing about web based time billing or tracking software is that you can use it anywhere and from any location. All you have to do is connect to the Internet. Some of the online or web based software even create graphical reports so that you are able to get an insight into the distribution of the resources of your firm. You can create an invoice quickly and with a single click bill the client. The main thing is: you will never have to install any programs!

Hence, this is being considered a great solution for business professionals as well as lawyers. The most important aspect is that now your billing process can be streamlined. Whether you are billing your clients on an hourly basis or are charging a retainer ship cost, the web based time tracking software can streamline all the data. It can even work according to your billing cycle. The advantage of using a web-based tracking software is that you can even checkout the billing data of other branches online and collate all the data for your annual audit as well.

Apart from all this, the web based time tracking software offer the following benefits:

1. It can track the employee time as well as billable hours. You can even track the employee time for all the branches and for all the clients. You can even view the total billable hours per day, per week, and even per month.

2. The web based time tracking software will provide you with an overview of all the work that has been done on various projects and the employees doing the work. For example: if you have an office in Seattle and one in Sydney then using this software you can keep a tab on the work being done at either of the offices and also get to know the attorneys or employees working on the projects in both the offices.

3. This software can easily measure billable hours

4. The web based time tracking software will allow you to track multiple clients, projects, attorneys, users, as well as activities. You can simultaneously check the billable hours in 5-7 different branches at the same time.

5. The time tracking software will provide you with web-based global access. So whether you are sitting in Shanghai, New Delhi, Dubai, Amsterdam, or New York, you will be able to access the information over the internet with ease.

6. The time tracking software is capable of generating efficiency reports related to the overall productivity of each attorney or employee

7. It will show you daily/weekly/monthly Reports for all projects and each attorney

The web based time tracking or billing software is truly an asset to any law firm or professional organization.


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