Program Your Mind For Success

Do you program your mind for success or failure? Which thoughts do you usually let in your mind, positive or negative?

Any frustration, depression, sadness, or lack of enthusiasm you might have is the result of your internal self-programming in the subconscious mind. The emotion that you feel right now is based on what you have programmed your mind and subconscious mind in the past, either negatively or positively.

You need to understand the causes of your negative programming. Experiencing painful situations, negative upbringing, psychological pressure of work among other reasons could lead to:

1. Tension
2. Sadness
3. Depression

All of these happen because of your negative programming. Do you see what negative thoughts can do to you and your health?

To program your mind for success and to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts, follow the below steps:

1. Think and focus on your future goal

A) Make sure you write down the most important goal you have in your life
B) Plan for your goal. If you do not plan, others will plan for you.
C) Before you go to bed, visualize that you have achieved your goal. Make sure that your emotions during visualization are full of optimism and happiness.

2. Positive emotional recall

A) Find a quiet place and relax
B) Think of a positive experience that has happened to you in the past.
C) Stay concentrating on the positive experience for a few minutes.

Emotional recall is an exercise that actors use to remember specific emotion such as joy, happiness, fear, and sadness. In our personal development niche, we would use an emotion that is about happiness and optimism when we use the emotional recall exercise. If you do this second exercise at night before you sleep, you are more likely to have the same positive feelings in the morning when you wake up.

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