Knowing More About School Nurse Certification


We all are familiar that there are great career progresses in health care field. There are 60% of the registered nurses working in the hospitals; most of them have the associate degree and diploma from the hospital and after passing the license they have started working as Registered nurses, now when we are talking about the nurses working in hospitals the registered nurse is the highest rank but this does not stop here . The (BSN) Bachelor of Sciences in nursing degree holder students get more career advancement than the students with (ADN) Associate Degree in Nursing and the students with hospital diplomas. Students who possess BSN degree usually go for consulting, research, and teaching. Those registered nurses who have experience and do do possess the BSN degree can go for school nurse certification administrated by The National Certification Examination for School Nurses.

There are some nurses who prefer to work as school nurse working in a school is less frenzied than to be working in the hospital. Those registered nurses who are working for at least 3 years in the hospital and have the license for the registered nurse, they can apply for school nurse certification. A school nurse plays very important role, they help the students with learning problems and also if you suddenly feel sick in school.

They have to follow a doctor's instructions in the case of emergency like if a student is really badly injured and in likewise situations. The main purpose for this certification is to keep students healthy; This is why the school nurse has to be upgraded with modern technology and also with medical knowledge so they can guide the students accordingly to keep them away from diseases so the student can learn in a healthy environment. The main role of the school nurses is to maintain the student learning by applying their skills such as providing student health counseling and estimate if student needs mental health. They also educates about the disease to the students, parents and the staff.

To become a nursing assistant you need to fulfill the requirements for the National Association of School Nurses, you must possess a bachelor's degree, certification and license for the registered nurse and also nursing experience. There are different universities from where you can take the training classes for this certification. You can also take these classes online through different websites the certification course includes the social science, public health nursing, human growth and development and mental health.

This course will help them to get the proficiency in mental health nursing, pediatrics, public health and human growth and development. For the certification exam of the nurse, one must be currently working as licensed registered nurse. Working experience should be three years and school nurse certification will cost you first time as $ 300. The certification will expire and will not be valid after five years a school nurse has to renew it by sitting in the exams. A nurse can work in high schools, middle school, preschools, private schools, voluntary schools, alternative schools, elementary schools, parochial schools, and colleges or universities.


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