Things You Do That Kill Her Sexual Satisfaction And Sex Drive

Studies show that most relationships usually switch to compassionate from passionate as time goes by. While this may not be entirely your fault, there is evidence that suggests that you may be playing a significant role in the reduction of sexual exclusion in your relationship. There are things you do that totally turn her off when it comes to the bedroom. The following are the things that men do to kill women's interest in sex.

While this may sound as a cliché, it has actually been voiced by women around the world as the number one thing that makes them less excited about the bedroom. Women have always been creative creatures. It does not matter the time or age. What you do outside the bedroom will play a large role in determining whether she will have an orgasm or not. To make sure that your partner gets the sexual satisfaction she once enjoyed, remember to always compliment her when she looks pretty. Your partner's sexual desire is always tied to her self-esteem and failing to make her feel special and important will definitely kill her sex drive.

Believe it or not, asking her about orgasms and sexual satisfaction is a leading cause of reduced sexual performance in the bedroom. This is because it typically puts a lot of pressure on a woman and thus ending up destroying the flow of the sexual activity. The performance anxiety that results is what is to blame for couples not enjoying mind-blowing orgasms. As sex therapists and researchers agree, good sex is all about great sensual satisfaction and connection. Making her relaxed and not feeling under pressure to perform is a sure way of making sure that she is sexually satisfied in the bedroom.

Most men make the mistake of using what they see in porn movies as a benchmark when it comes to sexual performance in the bedroom. What most people do not understand is that not everything that they see in the movies is great when it comes to reality. Your partner may not even be turned on by the sex moves that you see in porn movies. It is important to understand that every woman is different and that exploring her sexuality is the greatest secret of turning her on. It is alright to make minor suggestions to spice up things in the bedroom but if she is not into it, do not insure. You should also remember that women's sexual desire is not like a light switch. To ensure peak sexual performance from your partner, do the little things that make her feel great outside the bedroom. It is the only guaranteed way to boost her sexual desire.

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