The School Prom is One of the Most Important Nights of Your Entire Life


School days are always filled with fun and excitement. It is needed that the beautiful memories are stored in a proper manner. A good high school senior portrait is a precious memory. Today's portraits are much different in comparison to the earlier ones when people were asked to visit a studio and mug shots were taken.

Today schools are hiring professional photographers and the photographs are very casual but molded likewise that they become best companion for you after years. The last year in a high school is an important time. It is a time for making memories before everyone splits apart; a time for applying to new avenues.

The requirement is now to search for a one-stop shop for school photography, which can photograph individuals, siblings, class groups, sports groups, year groups, plays, prospectus and special events. It should be someone that you can trust. The images should always be of top quality both in the expression on the children's faces, and in the quality of the school photos and products that we sell. The schools who have switched to such professionals have never looked back.

Some types of photographic styles that are preferred by many schools and parents are discussed here under. Almost all good school photography service providers give these services.

Individual Portraits:

In this type portraits of individual school children are clicked with a "mother's eye." The number one mission is to produce portraits that one would be proud to display on their mantle piece. The motive is always to get the best expressions possible, and encourage the children to be neat and tidy.

Siblings Photography:

Most of our schools have sibling photographs taken on the same day as individual photographs. Now there's a challenge! Getting two, three, and often four siblings all smiling and looking towards the camera at the same time.

Class Group Photos:

Class group photography is all about symmetry, order, and speed. Our mounts are blocked with the name of the school so that they look smart and professional.
A dual aperture mounts can also be supplied for those schools who wish to display the class group photograph together with either an individual's photograph, or the names of the children in the crowd.

Sports Groups:

Sports groups are a favorite in the summer term, and are often shot at the same time as class groups.
Year & House Groups

Generally a group of 100 people can be photographed by a good professional photographer, often using the architecture of surrounding buildings to add interest to the shot. Traditional erect staging looks odd.

School Plays:

Sometimes do you wonder if parents really see school plays as they are all hidden behind cameras and video recorders? Restore decorum to your school plays by allowing to shoot a rehearsal and selling prints to parents before and after the play itself!

Prospectus Images:

Happy, smiling faces are what parents like. Compelling images of happy, smiling children in your school prospectus and on your website will help sell your school to prospective parents. That should be the prospectus images.

Special Events:

Do not trust recording the opening of a new sports hall or any other historical event in the life of a school to a well meaning amateur like the chemistry teacher.

Class groups for corporate:

This sounds really silly, but often it is seen that parents are asked if photographs can be clicked of class groups for corporate clients. So be tensed free and look for a professional photographer who can handle your requests – in the best way!


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