PHP – A Popular Website Development Language


PHP has been able to successfully transform the way dynamic web sites are created and is quite popular in website development arena. With creation of dynamic websites there are different things involved such as usability, scalability, flexibility and user friendliness. PHP which is an open source language used in web programming helps to easily accomplish these requirements for development of dynamic sites. Now we there will look at factors which have turned PHP the preferred choice for complex programming requirements.

Being open source it does not cost anything and can be used on different platforms such as Unix, Windows and Linux. This language does not require a lot of processor and also has less impact on system speed.

PHP in close correlation with HTML displays dynamically generated content on a web page. The procedures written in this language does not take up large amount of system space or resources. The programs also load as well as execute quickly since they use Apache modules created in C language. The compatibility with different software is another positive attribute of PHP.

Some features of this open source website design and development language are:

  1. Easy availability of coding libraries
  2. Numerous server interfaces (HTTP)
  3. Database support: Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Informix etc.
  4. Similarity with Java and C
  5. Compatibility with different platforms

As we can see PHP provides a lot of flexibility and features for effective website development and is the most preferred choice when dynamic or complex websites with different functionalities are to be created keeping in mind user friendliness.


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