Going the Extra Mile for Fashion

Remember the saying the difference between something good and something great is in the details? That couldn’t be anymore true when it comes to fashion. These days a pretty dress is just not enough to give you that extra edge from everybody else. So here are some fashion tips to go the extra mile for sensational style.


I’m sure by the mere mention of exercise in relation to fashion, you’re already thinking about losing weight and becoming a size 0, right? I don’t mean that at all by any means, because in an industry industry that’s been plagued by controversies about self-esteem issues, eating disorders and body issues, we don’t need another girl thinking that she doesn’t look fine the way she is.

By exercise I mean keep fit. Let me put it in fashion perspective by using your fashion items as examples to get my point across. Doing shoulder exercises for even five minutes a day, can make you look great when it’s time to wear that one shoulder dress. While doing leg exercises shapes your legs, so you can look great in mini skirts.

Let’s not forget that exercise also keeps you in a good mood due to the secretion of endorphins, a chemical that’s been proven to reduce stress, counter the aging process and of course, keep you in a very good mood. And someone who’s happy and confident will always look good in whatever they’re wearing.

Keep a waxing regimen

I know it’s quite natural for some countries not to be hair-free, but for the rest of the fashion world nothing messes up a great outfit than having unwanted hair. Can you imagine being in a gorgeous Armani Prive strapless gown like Anne Hathaway in the 81st Academy Awards and having hairy underarms? Or be in barely there outfits like Lady Gaga and Rhianna and have hair sticking out of your legs? And a unibrow only looks good on Bert from Sesame Street.

But getting laser treatments to become completely hair-free is quite expensive, so the next best thing is to get waxing treatments. I know it looks like it hurts like heck when seeing it on TV or in the movies, and I’m not going to lie to you because it does hurt the first time you try it. However, there are new products in the market that promise a painless waxing experience. These products range from over-the-counter “anesthesia underwear” to using hard wax.

Religiously Clean Your Closet

Cleaning out my closet has done more to enhance my fashion sensibilities than any magazine can ever give. I learned what I like and don’t like just by picking out the clothes I want to keep and those that I want to give away. By doing this regularly, you end up with the clothes that you actually like and actually use. In the process you also develop a sense of personal style with this simple exercise.

Also, keeping track of your clothes is easy when you keep your closet in order. You’ll immediately know which ones need mending or those that need to go to the dry cleaners, so you’ll always be wearing an outfit that’s in good condition. It’ll be really embarrassing to find out that you’ve worn a shirt with a stain or worst a hole in it.

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